What’s this? The talented Swedish newcomer HON has finally gotten around to releasing her debut EP. ‘När Allt Rinner Över’.
What does that mean? When Everything Flows Over.
What’s on it? Three previously released singles (‘Faller Vi Tillbaka’, ‘Systra Mi’ (feat. Myra Granberg) and ‘Hatar Att Vara Kär’) plus two brand-new tracks (‘Varannan Vatten’ and ‘Mitt Bästa’).
What’s it like? Listening to it really does feel like you’re experiencing just the tip of the iceberg that represents what is surely going to be a deservedly enduring career for this artist. Book-ended by two moments of particular brilliance – new single ‘Varannan Vatten’ and ‘Hatar Att Vara Kär’ – the EP seems to serve as a tantalising tease of what could be to come from HON, offering up a plate of versatile sounds and styles to suit many a palate. And if she continues down the road of her latest hit ‘Varannan Vatten’ (the best of Swedish indie-pop wrapped up in a raved-up costume for a night on the town), we’ve definitely got one of our new favourite artists on our hands here.
More from HON? It was all written in the stars with that debut single of hers in the spring of 2020 – ‘Rör Mig Som Du‘.

You can find ‘Varannan Vatten’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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