What’s this? The debut EP from former Timoteij singer Cecilia Kallin – this is ‘Honey’.
What’s on it? Two singles that regular readers will already have seen on these very pages – ‘Heaven‘ and ‘I Really Like You‘. Plus, ‘Music Won’t Stop’ and ‘Guilty Pleasure’, the former of which is a proper feel-good jam and which also has a piano acoustic version housed on the EP, too.
What’s the EP like? It sounds like a collection of songs that you used to hear hammered on the radio in the mid to late ’90s.
What does Cecilia say?At first listen, you would probably think that this EP is consistently happy. But if you listen carefully, there is both joy and sorrow there. I am very inspired by ’90s pop, Paris and love when I write.”

You can find ‘Music Won’t Stop’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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