EP: Archi & Pelago – ‘River’

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What’s this? The debut EP from three Swedish chaps who have certainly proved themselves to know their way around a tune. Archi & Pelago – ‘River’.
What’s on it? Well they’ve done one of our fave popstar tricks of bagging up all their previous singles together, adding on a new single, and labelling it as the EP – thus closing the chapter of an era, and seeing to it that we can listen to all their tunes together, without having to go in and out of each single on Spotify. It just makes so much sense!
And what were the singles, again? The brilliant ‘Groundhog Day’, the brilliant ‘Rockafeller’, the brilliant ‘Tonight’, and then there was ‘Back’, which we were never a fan of, but sure they might as well just pop it on here for the sake of completion. Plus the new single – ‘River’.
What’s the new single like? ‘River’ does the wonderful job of showcasing the boys’ musical eccentricities and making them build and build throughout the song and into a nicely amplified climax. It’s up there with their best. Which is quite high praise.

You can find ‘River’ and ‘Tonight’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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