What’s this? Coming off the back of her big radio hit ‘Thelma & Louise’, Anna Bergendahl is now out with a brand-new EP. ‘Vera’.
What’s on it? ‘Thelma & Louise’, plus four new tracks.
What are the new tracks like? It’s an EP of super-catchy, merry-tempo, country-pop bops. She is giving us bergendALL the goods on here.
Highlights? ‘Together In The Dark’ is next-single strong. The kind of song so good, you wonder what could have been given its three minute length…
What else? Robin Stjernberg collaborates on two tracks – ‘Less Alone’ and ‘Made Of You’ – the former of which he duets on. We love the only two artists to have finished outside the Top 10 for Sweden at Eurovision this past decade helping each other out!
OUCH. Still to soon?…

You can find ‘Together In The Dark’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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