What’s this? The debut EP from Swedish artist Amanda Aasa. After making a name for herself in Melodifestivalen 2020 with ‘Late’, she’s now out with ‘Real Love’.
What’s on it? Her recent single that we fell head over heels with – ‘Bete Dig‘ – plus three other tunes.
What’s it like? An impressive collection of multi-genre deep-dives, on which we get to hear Amanda try out a different sound in each song, while successfully putting her own stamp on each one – resulting in a diverse EP that shines a light on her as an exciting artist to watch out for as she releases more music in the future.
What does Amanda say? ”Real Love never turns out as planned, which frames my latest loving and poor episodes. ‘Bete Dig’ is the slap in the face to the man who slapped me when I was eighteen. ‘Samla Dina Tankar’ is a reminder of what happens when you stop f*ing. In ‘Svårt Sometimes’ I hear myself take responsibility beyond 60 hours of therapy and ‘Överallt På Mig’ is a sort of “coming out”, Amanda Aasa stylee. ‘Real love’ illustrates episodes in my life I’m ready to leave behind, ready to move on.”

You can find ‘Överallt På Mig’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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