What’s this? The debut EP from Swedish talent Alex Järvi – the ‘Lost Boy’ EP.
What’s on it? His three most recent singles, plus two brand-new songs. One of which is called ‘SHIT’.
Nice. What are the new songs like? Well ‘SHIT’ is, to the contrary, one of the more catchy and rousing numbers he’s put his name to. ‘Asteroid’, meanwhile, serves up some epic-level arena-pop.
Best song? Our personal fave is the most up-tempo of the bunch – the beautiful ‘ Ju Mer Jag Älskar Dig Desto Mindre Lever Jag’.
More from Alex? If you enjoy the EP, we suggest you go further back to some of his earlier singles – the highlights of which you can find right here.

You can find ‘Asteroid’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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