Emmelie de Forest today released her brand new single ‘Rainmaker’. It’s her first new material since last year’s ‘Only Teardrops’ album. And it’s a special one this one – Danish broadcaster DR have chosen it to be the official theme of the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

The reigning Eurovision champ sticks to what she does best on ‘Rainmaker’. It’s reminiscent of the best bits of the ‘Only Teardrops’ album. Proving that what we got last year WAS actually the real Emmelie de Forest, and not just something tailored for the whole Eurovision experience. And of course this means that many of the fans that she gained with ‘Only Teardrops’, will be able to enjoy ‘Rainmaker’. Without it being a rip-off of her former glories. It’s still fresh.

‘Rainmaker’ is a folkpop number that’s not shy about bringing out the DRUMS. The infamous ‘Only Teardrops’ flute also makes a reappearance. And we’ve got another sing-along chorus to learn too. Although “way-oh, way-oh way-oh way-oh” obviously doesn’t require too much study before it gets lodged in your head. It’s a tribal experience!

Emmelie de Forest has written ‘Rainmaker’ together with her boyfriend Jakob Schack Glæsner, and one of our favourite Swedish producers Fredrik Sonefors.

It was released today – although quite bafflingly, doesn’t seem to have been released everywhere in Europe. Eurovision. #JoinUs. Indeed. Hmmm.



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