Emmelie de Forest: ‘Drunk Tonight’

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Emmelie de Forest of EUROVISION WINNER fame has finally released her first ‘proper’ new single since 2013’s ‘Only Teardrops’ album (this year’s ‘Rainmaker’ felt more like a Eurovision tie-in rather than the lead single off the next album – probably because, y’know, it was). It’s ‘Drunk Tonight’ and it came out today.

It’s a BALLAD!

The earthy drums and whistles have all folked off, and in their place we hear Emmelie fall into a more mainstream sound. ‘Drunk Tonight’ is a big and ballsy, beat driven ballad. It’s all very dramatic and emotional, and she delivers it brilliantly. We’re loving hearing her do something a little different. Emmelie de Forest phase II.

The “drunk tonight” part of ‘Drunk Tonight’ refers to her frustrations with insincere drunk texts that she’s receiving from a former loved one. “I just think you’re sad and high, you don’t really want me back. So put down the phone, it’s time to go hone. I just think you’re drunk tonight, you don’t really want me back”.

The video for ‘Drunk Tonight’ will be released next Monday. For now, here’s the song;

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