Emerentia: ‘Wasting Water’

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The debut single from 18 year old Swedish popstar in the making, Emerentia. Hailing from Umeå and now living in Stockholm.

It’s the fantastic ‘Wasting Water’. A mid-tempo, earthy pop number that makes more than a few nods towards intelligent electronica. The absolute star of the whole thing though, is the chorus. Epic and anthemic don’t even begin to cover it! It’s arms spread, head held back, mouth wide open, BELT THE CHORUS OUT good. And that’s exactly what she does. The melody is quality cheese. And with the song clocking in at just under three minutes, we can’t help but imagine it as a great and worthy Eurovision winner, despite it not having any connections to the contest. Well, she’s worked with Alexander Rybak before, but we won’t hold that against her.

The video for ‘Wasting Water’ is coming in the next few days, but you can already see a preview here.

And more from Emerentia over on her Facebook page.

Below you can listen to the song in full. And if you become a fan (which is more than likely in this case), you’ll be pleased to learn that she has released the track internationally through 100 Songs. iTunes link below the Soundcloud stream.

Wasting Water - Single - Emerentia


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