Em: ‘Taking Back My Heart’

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The debut single from Swedish singer Em – ‘Taking Back My Heart’.

Em is Emelie Appelgren from Örebro. And we have high hopes for this one. There’s a stonking great gap in the Swedish pop market now that September’s gone all serious on us and Velvet’s gone AWOL. But Em and the team behind her are upfront about being on a mission to fill this void in our lives – as they’re missing that kind of music by that kind of popstar too. All sounds good so far!

And thankfully they’ve delivered on what they set out to do, where the debut single is concerned. ‘Taking Back My Heart’ is an instant belter – a very strong melody, a dancepop production that hits the right spot, and an impressive vocal that manages to hold its own alongside both.. We listened to this a few times on Wednesday. We were still humming it on Thursday.

‘Taking Back My Heart’ was written by Linda Sonnvik and Chris Oscarsson aka Soundstreamers.

Watch the promo video below. And here’s the extended version, the Mike Moorish remix, and the candlelight edit in which you can watch Em accompanying herself on the piano (and here’s the studio recording of that, which is pretty gorgeous).

‘Taking Back My Heart’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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