Elodie: ‘Go Away’

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Elodie not afraid of Swedish Winter

THAT fabulous creature you see above you is Swedish singer and songwriter, Elodie.

She’s worked on numerous projects and tracks before, providing vocals for some and music for others. But here and now she’s finally ready to unveil the first proper single of her own. She’s written and co-produced it herself, and of course she sings it herself too. She’s called it ‘Go Away’.

So what’s it like then?!

Well it’s an 80’s electroclash number. Deeply 80’s. It sounds a little bit like La Roux having a lipstick lesbian fling with Alison Moyet. Although Elodie seems to be fiercely independent, so we imagine she’d cringe at such comparisons. Apols, El. The song hasn’t got a massive chorus, and it’s not a big pop number either. It’s much more downplayed than the type of stuff we normally write about on here. But we like it. We like its subtlety, we enjoy its heart, and we’re chilled and thrilled by its cool-as-a-cucumber sensibilities.

The video’s quite an acquired taste, though, but even that has its own charm to it. We should remind you that Elodie is STAUNCHLY independent in her artistry. There are no big record label budgets here;

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