Elin Överfjord: ‘Nu’

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An 18 year old Swedish girl has just come out with THE most impressive of debut singles. Elin Överfjord and the electropoptastic ‘Nu’.

We don’t really know where she’s popped up from, or how her 208 Facebook fans (209 now, thank you very much) have secured her a top 10 placing on Swedish iTunes over the last few days. But what we do know, is that ‘Nu’ is an immense exercise in the poppier virtues of electronica. It’s a fierce, up-tempo tune with a cracking great big melody on it. It’s so good that it has a chorus which goes “oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, ooh, oooh, ooooh“, and a post chorus which trills “Nuuuuuu-NuuuuUUUuuuu-Nuuuu-uuuuuuu“. And you can’t really argue with that.

This is some seriously catchy stuff. Elin Överfjord – whoever you are – we salute you. More of this please.

‘Nu’ is out now, and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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