Well we’ve ranted and raved quite enough about how much we love new Swedish popstrel Elin Överfjord. But let’s go all in again. Because this week we get a new song from her.

She’s competing in the latest annual Svensktoppen Nästa competition. A competition which as you may know, sees its winner earn an automatic place in the following year’s Melodifestivalen. Hmmmm….we’re not very happy about this. Elin Överfjord is ABOVE Svensktoppen Nästa. As one of Sweden’s most exciting new popstars, she should really be earning a place in next year’s Melodifestivalen on her own pop merits, not as a competition winner. In fact (and we’ve already tweeted this cold hard nugget of fact) if SVT are looking for an Ace Wilder-esque phenomebreakthrough in Melodifestivalen 2015, they need look no further than Elin Överfjord. She’s brilliant. What more do they want? What more do they need?!

So. Following on from ‘Nu’ and ’Störst’, we get brand new track ‘Norrsken’. And as is the way with Elin, she gives us a quirky and cool electropop song that manages to be the right sides of both electro and pop. What do we mean by that? It has the best elements of both genres. Our favourite nuances of electro, and the most necessary requirements of that old darling, The Pop Song.

It’s not an 11/10 moment like its two predecessors, but we’re blaming that on Svensktoppen Nästa – it’s already making her sub-par. Tut tut.

Listen to ‘Norrsken’ in full here.

As for the competition, we’re too outraged to look into and advise you on the voting procedure, sorry. In fact, we actually think it would be better if she didn’t win, and could instead sweep this little mishap under the rug – leaving the door open for SVT to subtly pluck her as a proper entry this Autumn. Yes theoretically all 32 Melodifestivalen entries have the same chance as each other to do well. But come on – we all know that the Svensktoppen Nästa entry is looked upon as the not-a-proper-popstar competition winner who is lucky to be there. And so no one ever votes for them.

Elin deserves better than that.

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