Elin Överfjord: ’Störst’

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At the end of last summer a young Swedish newcomer came from absolutely nowhere, and knocked us a out a bit with her brilliant debut single. It was Elin Överfjord and ’Nu’. And we loved it. So much so that we put her up as one of the Brightest New Hope’s of 2014 in the Scandipop Awards nominations. Today, she gets her 2014 off to a start, by releasing the follow-up single to ’Nu’. And she’s allowing us to stream it for you guys in full. It’s ’Störst’.

MERCIFULLY, it turns out that ’Störst’ is just as incredible as ’Nu’. It would’ve been quite awkward for us had it been shit.

Like ’Nu’ before it, ’Störst’ is another electroPOP banger with a ridiculously catchy chorus. She’s employed the old stuttering melody tactic that she used to great effect on ’Nu’. But this one’s gone the extra mile and presented us with a whistle riff too. A whistle riff! ’Störst’ is a super charged exhilerator of a pop song that grabs from the very first second and thrills until the very last. Suffice to say, we’re loving it something rotten.

Have a listen;


Elin we still know next to nothing about you, but we do know that we absolutely love you. Please be this amazing forever.

’Störst’ has been released today, and is available to buy outside of Sweden too.


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