Elin Lanto: On her way back!

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Last year Elin Lanto blessed the universe with three top quality electro/dance/pop songs, spearheaded by the utterly phenomenal ‘Discotheque’. And that was it. No album followed and there have been no singles since. The tease!

However, she’s on her way back to pop! She’s currently working on said album and is all ready and loaded with a single to launch it. It’s called ‘Love Made Me Stupid’ and is apparently harder pop with a dance influence. More edgy but a definite smash hit. Well that sounds very promising of course. And we cannot wait.

Also…………and how can we put this without making things obvious and getting her into trouble?………..let’s just say that they are hoping that a plan works that would stipulate that her album is released early next year!

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