Electric Lady Lab: ‘Wondering’

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*SCREAM* It’s a new pop vid from Electric Lady Lab!

The Duke and Duchess of Danish electro pop have unveiled another veritable feast for the eyes, with the video to their new single ‘Wondering’. We already went into how amazing this act is, in quite some detail a few weeks back, but this new video further cements all of our previous judgements about them. Like Gravitonas, they are a music act who are just as stunning visually as they are sonically. In the latest vid, we get lead singer Stine, staggering her way around the streets of Paris. She’s dressed in skin-tight black shiny PVC, and practically even taller than some of the buildings! And she’s half terrorizing and half seducing everything and everyone that she stumbles upon. Brilliant!

Another endearing intricacy we noticed is her menacing facial expression during the opening verse. As she’s singing “I made you suffer, I caused you pain“, we can see an ever-so-subtle smirk develop on her face. That’s just cruel! Then when she beckons the listener to “lay down next to me and hold my hand“, she’s wearing the look of absolute danger on her face. Would you trust this woman? Of course not! Will you lay down next to her? You’d be unable to resist!


Oh yeah, and the song’s fantastic too. Observe;

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