Electric Lady Lab: ‘Open Doors’

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Electric Lady Lab had us a little bit concerned a short while back. They announced via their Facebook page that having gotten to the end of writing and recording their much anticipated second album (their first one ‘Flash’ remains ph’nom), they were now scrapping the whole thing and starting again from scratch. And given how much we’ve enjoyed the previous output of the duo – who are genuinely one of the best acts to come out of Scandinavia in recent years – it kind of worried us that they may be turning their backs on the sound that made them so great in the first place.

WELL. New single ‘Open Doors’ came out this week, and any such concerns were immediately quashed. They haven’t turned their backs on the sound that made them so great at all – they’ve actually managed to improve on it.

Mind. Blown.

The multi layered electronica that forms the basis for all of their productions is still present and correct. But this time, even more than ever, the melody is a masterpiece in itself. It’s one of those heart wrenchingly beautiful melodies that just oozes a pleasurable sadness from every note. Intricately formed, and then delivered to perfection by Stine who is sounding the best she ever has. They’ve managed to come out with their best single to date – which is no small achievement when you consider their back catalogue. Electric Lady Lab – whose biggest hits have sampled electronic classics – have themselves turned out a song which deserves to become an electronic classic in its own right.

We asked them if we could stream ‘Open Doors’ in its entirety on here – as it really needs to be heard. By everyone! And they said yes. Here you go;

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/01-Open-Doors.mp3|titles=01 Open Doors]

‘Open Doors’ is out now, and has been released outside of Denmark too.



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