Electric Lady Lab: ‘Flash’

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Over the last couple of years, Denmark has been slowly and surreptitiously spawning an exciting new music act – the electropop duo that is Electric Lady Lab. Last month, their debut album ‘Flash’ finally arrived, and we have to say that after a few listens, it’s shaping up to be quite the masterpiece of the genre.

You might be hesitant to check these out for a couple of reasons. Firstly, based on the conception that the 80’s electro synth thing has been done to death over the last decade or so. Well, yes it has sort of. But when it’s being done as good as how Electric Lady Lab are doing it, you cease to care, or even think about, what’s gone before. They do it very very well. Plus, they veer into 90’s territory a lot of the time, so they’re at least adding a bit of variation to the theme! Secondly, you might think that their name is a bit……well, wanky! And maybe it is. But you shouldn’t let that put you off investigating them. We’re utterly embarrassed to admit that we were narrow minded enough for it to put us off for a little while, but we were very wrong. And besides, who does that?! Decides on whether to listen to a group based on their name?! *dies of shame*

Anyway, after a penancial bout of listening to ‘Flash’, and a scour of youtube for some visual accompaniments, we are now TOTALLY enamored with this outfit. ‘Flash’ is an almighty album. There’s not much for you here if you’re not a fan of the aforementioned retro synthage, but if you do like a bit of it, then this is a veritable feast! In its eleven tracks, there is a mixture of huge pop moments in ‘Fascination’, ‘Dancing With A Ghost’, and perhaps our favourite, ‘Dangerous’ (which in certain parts sounds like it might have influenced the Britney Spears song ‘(I’ve Just Begun) Having My Fun’, despite coming nearly a decade later!). The album is also big on brooding electro beauty, in the more subtle and seductive ‘Last Virgin Alive’, ‘I Follow You’, and another one of our favourites, ‘Let Go’. Current single ‘Wondering’ sounds like it could be one of the better songs on Robyn’s ‘Body Talk’ album.

Some of you will probably already know them very well, as they’ve (rightfully so) managed to build up quite a large following for themselves so far. But if you haven’t, here’s where we’d suggest you start;

‘It’s Over Now’ was their first single back in 2009. And we think it’s a good place to start, not just because it’s got a great example of one of their amazing bridge-chorus sequences that we love so much (or maybe it’s a chorus-post chorus sequence, we can never tell!), but also because the video introduces you to another large factor that contributes to their overall amazingness – their visuals. In the video to ‘It’s Over Now’ you’ll meet the singer, Stine Hjelm Jacobsen, a stunning creature who looks like a cross between Debbie Harry, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Malena Ernman and an actual man! In the vid, her never ending legs are seen lording over her ultra HOT bandmate, Martin Bøge Pedersen. It’s a semi S&M, semi gangland torture romp, which culminates in a fascinating scene in which Stine is pouring fuel over Martin, with the clear intention of setting him alight. Although rather than just emptying it over him in a quick manner of convenience, she positions herself above him, and slowly pours it down her own legs and onto his head. Maybe it’s just us, but that’s such an effective visual. And we’re already rifling through director Michael Sauer Christensen’s back catalogue!

Next up is the song that they’re probably most famous for, their second single ‘You And Me’. It samples the universally known 90’s megahit, ‘Rhythm Is A Dance’ by Snap. And it samples it really well at that (thankfully withdrawing any references to cancer-like seriousness)! It brings the music of the original hit back into modern day relevance, and above all, it just sounds bloody brilliant! You can watch the video below (made from 5,500 still photographs taken in New York City). And then below that we’ve included a performance of the single which we think absolutely cements their reputation as being a music act that is as stunning visual as it is sonically. It’s a performance from the DRTV Sport Awards in December. The opening shot is the zooming in towards a mammoth stage in a huge arena, which is entirely bathed in neon green light, until we’re confronted by the towering Stine in a black latex catsuit! And just when you thought you couldn’t get any more enthralled, they’re then joined halfway through the song, by LITERALLY HUNDREDS of dancers.

We were sat absolutely agog!

It’s all very WOW, isn’t it?!

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