Electric Lady Lab feat. Sukker Lyn: ‘Broken Mirrors’

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A new single and a new video from Electric Lady Lab. Words we will never tire of writing.

The Danish duo released ‘Broken Mirrors’ on Monday, featuring their new mate Sukker Lyn on middle-eight rapping duties. It’s a dark and slightly down-tempo electropop number. Well, down-tempo only when you compare it to the three singles they’ve released since their debut album. But actually quite similar to the tempo they employed on the majority of that first album.

The chorus sounds like it’s a sample. And it may well be. But we’re not gonna pretend to know for sure. What we do know for sure, is that we love Stine’s letting us know that said chorus is coming before it even starts – “and this is where the chorus goes“! That woman never ceases to be amazing.

‘Broken Mirrors’ is another great song to add their already fledgling yet bulging repertoire of great songs. It’s a call to arms for those who have love and lost and loved again.

Below you can watch the video that they released for the song today. And the single has been put out outside of Denmark too, iTunes link under the vid.

Broken Mirrors (feat. Sukker Lyn) - Single - Electric Lady Lab


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