Eagle-Eye Cherry & Darin: ‘Dream Away’

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So Eagle-Eye Cherry is back. That’s a ‘turn up for the books’ isn’t it?! And what’s even more of a surprise is that he’s paired up with Darin for his big comeback. A brand new single which was released today, ‘Dream Away’. All proceeds for which will go to children’s charity SOS Barnbyar.

The song is a mid-tempo uplifting track with inspirational lyrics about having dreams, doing all you can to achieve them, and relying on your loved ones to help you do so.

It’s got the guitar sound of Eagle-Eye’s most infamous hit, and the sort of epic pop chorus melody that is associated with Darin (particularly, in the case of this melody, with his ‘Lovekiller’ album era). So in that sense it feels like a proper collaboration between the two artists. They each bring their sound to the table, merge them together, and make it sound pretty spiffing. Which is quite a feat when you consider that nobody would ever have thought to put these two artists together. Thankfully though, someone recently did (Darin and Eagle-Eye Cherry both visited SOS’s children’s village in Manila in the Philippines, to help out with the cause and to meet some of the children and their families).

‘Dream Away’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too. Buy it, it’s for charity!


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