Dotter: ‘My Flower’

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Crikey, this a bit fantastic isn’t it?!

It’s ‘My Flower’, the debut single from a new Swedish singer called Dotter (which is the Swedish word for daughter).

A Motown styled, retro flavoured pop romp that evokes hands-in-the-air feelgood vibes at every note. Particularly at the point of the chorus. Both of the choruses.

It’s so good that its best bit is a five way tie between five amazing bits!
1. The chorus
2. The post-chorus
3. The first part of the middle eight
4. The second part of the middle eight
5. The Lana Del Rey-esque intro and outro

‘My Flower’ was written and produced by Johanna Maria Jansson (aka Dotter herself!) and Dino Medanhodzic.

Listen. If you do nothing else today, LISTEN;

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