Donkeyboy gave a special performance at the VG-Lista festival in their native Norway over the weekend. A good old medley of their three recent singles, ‘City Boy’, ‘Pull Of The Eye’, and ‘Silver Moon’.

This performance is six minutes of pure joy. Even without taking into consideration the fantastic sounds that are emitting from the speakers on that stage, doesn’t it look like they’re having so much fun up there? And it’s always infectious to see a pop band having an absolute ball when they’re performing. See also: Alphabeat, Le Kid, Alcazar. It makes you want to be there. Either on stage bopping about around them, or in the audience just watching. Either capacity would be fine by us.

Mercifully, the gig was televised. So you can watch their performance below.

All three songs are from their current album ‘Silver Moon’. Folk outside of Norway can pick up the album on CD from our online store here.

Silver Moon - Donkeyboy



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