Norwegian pop scamps Donkeyboy have just had their latest single remixed by Bassflow AKA Peter Boström AKA the man who produced Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ and a whole lot more besides.

The original ‘Silver Moon’ is one of our favourite songs of 2012 so far, it’s THAT good (and we’ve already scribed of its magnitude here). So we were the last folk on earth who thought that the song needed a kick up the backside. And for the first verse of the new mix, we actually did think “erm…what’s the point here?”. But by jove did we change our tune once that chorus kicks in. It’s the way he’s done it. The subtle build up and then BOOM – the chorus that you know and love explodes into the song even better than it ever did before.

And that, readers, was the point of it all.

A jolly good remake is this. Well done (once again) to Sir Boström. And in other even more exciting Donkeyboy and Peter Boström news – they were all in the studio together this week working on new music along with Thomas G:son. Christ almighty, the possibilities there.

This is also available in an extended version, but we’re building ourselves up to that particular listening experience. For now, here’s the punch packing radio edit;

Silver Moon (Bassflow Remakes) - Single - Donkeyboy




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