Norwegian pop giants Donkeyboy today premiered their new single over on NRK P3 Radio. Always an EVENT to hear a new Donkeyboy single! It’s ‘Hero’, and this one’s been written and produced by Donkeyboy themselves, with Kiesza on co-writing duties, and StarGate on co-production duties.

They’ve turned in another hugely singalong anthem with an infectiously upbeat production and an enormously melodic heart. For THAT is the Donkeyboy way, and THAT is why we love ’em so. And as with the rest of their singles, ‘Hero’ only takes one listen (and not even a full one, at that) before you’re humming along joyously. They do this whole pop thing very well, don’t they?

Donkeyboy or nominated as a wildcard in the category of Best Norwegian Act at the MTV European Music Awards. If you want to reward them for their services to pop, get pon de Twitter, and hashtag a tweet with #NOMINATEDONKEYBOY. We’ve already done it.

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