Donkeyboy: ‘City Boy’

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donkeyboy e1322663335203

A superb new song has cropped up in Norway this week – and the Norwegians have responded by buying it in such vast quantities that it’s gone to number 1 on iTunes.

The song is ‘City Boy’ and the group are Norway natives Donkeyboy – whom you may remember from their previous superhit ‘Ambitions‘. ‘City Boy’ is EXQUISITE electropop number. Although in this case, the scales are most definitely tipping more in favour of POP! The chorus is defiantly catchy and sing-a-long. And the whole thing is intensely likeable. It really is one of those songs that hooks you after one listen – thanks in large to that aforementioned hook it wields.

The video is an interesting affair too, which is always nice;

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