Do The Bjart-Man!

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m 6770072affb9b6534fd6975a09653bffOur lovely Swedish friend Moa, alerted us to a potential Icelandic pop sensation. We say potential because it looked like Bjartmar Thordarson hadn’t logged into his myspace in ages, and had given up on his quest for a career in pop music. We got in touch with the dance beat friendly soul though and enquired as to his whereabouts, or more importantly, the whereabouts of more music to accompany the couple of gems that he’d already uploaded to his myspace (that we’d highly recommend you go and listen to – He explained that he’d started work on the album in 2007, but got sidetracked by an further education opportunity in London that he couldn’t turn down. However, that’s all completed now so he’s back to making music! He’s already got a few more demos that are near completion and should have a new single for us very soon.




m 5559b679a4bbf869140a9da1aa68eb5fAnd here’s the best bit – his music making partner is the ever reliable and always agreeable Orlygur Smari! Orlygur has composed all the great songs from Euroband, Paul Oscar, and a couple of songs by new Swedish artist that we’ve raved about a couple of times already, Daniela. And he’s also composed ‘Got No Love’ by Electra – which is competing in the Icelandic competition to find their representative at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The song has already made the final and Bjartmar told us that he’s directing the performance. It was Orlygur who worked on the two tracks which are already on Bjartmar’s myspace; ‘ ‘Algjorlega Spillt’ and ‘Vil Annan Dag I Paradis’. Both songs are hi energy, uptempo, dance epics paired with the kind of melodies that make us love Scandinavian pop music so much. We’ll definitely be playing both at the next scandipop club night. Both songs are good enough to tide us over for the time being, but we’re really looking forward to hearing some of the new material that they’ve been working on. We’ll report back when we know more, and when some more music is uploaded.

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