Diandra: ‘Prinsessalle’

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The most recent winner of Finnish Idol, AND our favourite pop thing to come out of Finland this year, has just released her third single. It’s Diandra, it’s ‘Prinsessalle’, and it’s her third bloody good single in a row.

After the electro ‘cool’ of ‘Onko Marsissa Lunta‘, and then the sugar coated rave up of ‘Outta My Head‘, Diandra further showcases her versatility with this new single. ‘Prinsessalle’ is a stark, haunting, and perhaps ever so slightly menacing ballad. Our complete lack of any sort of grasp on the Finnish language prevents us from properly evaluating whether it’s a happy or a sad ballad. Although we’d put a little bit of money on it being the latter.

Naturally we prefer Diandra when she’s on a high NRG scream fest (her ‘Outta My Head’ is probably our second favourite single of the year after Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’), but the Diandra we get to hear in ‘Prinsessalle’ is an equally impressive facet of her talents.


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