Diandra: ‘Paha Poika’

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DiandraPahaPoika e1403553202414

Finnish Idol winner Diandra returned this month with a new single and new sound. ‘Paha Poika’ is what she comes with. And we’re so happy that she did.

This one’s a little bit different. To everything that’s gone before from Diandra. And from anything else in the Finnish charts at the moment. Or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Let’s see if we can describe it and do it some sort of justice. How about “A Roma Gypsy version of Ace of Base. Holidaying in the Caribbean. On a budget.” That should do it.

Obviously it’s amazing. And you don’t need to speak Finnish to understand THAT. If you wish though, it’s about her desire to start dating a bad boy. Apparently all of her new album will be in Finnish too. And hopefully it’ll all sound like this;


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