Well hooray and hoorah!

If it isn’t one of our absolute favourite songs of the year, now sporting its very own spiffing pop vid.

Finnish Idol winner Diandra and ‘Outta My Head’. Here’s what we said about it last month. Without a doubt one of the best pop songs of 2012 so far

The video consists of Diandra’s idea of a perfect house party. A girly sleepover, trying on some ridiculous outfits, singing HER OWN SINGLE on the Singstar, and then setting up DJ equipment when the sun goes down, for a home disco. Well we don’t know about you, readers, but we had some serious party envy after watching this vid. Particularly the Singstar part. Oh the points we could lose attempting those choruses….

We want an invite to the next one;

Outta My Head - Single - Diandra



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