Diandra Flores: ‘Onko Marsissa Lunta?’

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The latest series of Finnish Idol came to a close at the weekend, and this young lady was voted the winner – Diandra Flores.

It’s not something that we’ve been following (however a quick search of YouTube brought up this heart stoppingly beautiful cover of Jenni Vartiainen’s ‘Missä Muruseni On’). BUT – we were delighted to discover that inland have got it VERY right when it comes the the winner’s single this year. No sappy self-help ballads for Diandra. Instead they’ve given her an electropop monster of a song, with a huge, uplifting and feelgood chorus. It’s the sound of Robyn and Michelle McManus having a lipstick lesbian love affair – with Robyn’s influence definitely being the dominant one in the relationship. ‘Onko Marsissa Lunta’ is quite brilliant, we think you’ll agree.

Google translate tells us that ‘Onko Marsissa Lunta?’ translates as ‘Is There Snow On Mars?’, which makes the song even more amazing if true.

You can listen to the studio recording below, and check out her live performance of it here.

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