Diamond Dogs: ‘House Of Dogs’

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Super famous Swedish drag act Diamond Dogs released a new single a couple of weeks back, ‘House Of Dogs’. It’s their second release after their debut single ‘A Dog’s Life‘ earlier this year.

It’s another positively dirty, FILTHY, house track from them. A fiercely up to date piece of club ready dance music, with their self promoting mutterings and declarations of dastardliness spouted over it. You have to be in a certain kind of mood, or under a certain level of intoxication, to fully enjoy it – but if you’re there, you’ll love it

They performed the single at last month’s Stockholm Pride festival, which you can see below. And of course with an act like Diamond Dogs, enjoyment of the song is always enhanced by the spectacular visual that they give. Plus, to add to the entertainment, they also used the gig to put on a twelve minute medley of all of their best drag show performances over the last ten years – incorporating run throughs or spoofs of the likes of Linda Bengtzing, Sanna Nielsen, Ivi Adamou, Loreen, and Madonna.

The ‘House Of Dogs’ single is released worldwide.

House Of Dogs

House of Dogs - Single (Radio Edit) - Dragshow Diamond Dogs

10 year’s medley


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