Dex feat. Cille: ‘Walking In The Sun’

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Dex Feat. Cille %E2%80%93 Walking In The Sun REMIXESThose Danes and their dance tunes!

They seem to be churning out quite a lot of top quality club tracks lately don’t they? Although as anyone who has ever spent a Friday or Saturday night in Copenhagen city centre will tell you – the Danes really do like to go overboard when they party.

The latest soundtrack to Copenhagen carnage is this gem of a song, called ‘Walking In The Sun’. It’s by Dex featuring Cille. We suppose its most endearing feature is that it samples 90’s super hit ‘Children’ by Robert Miles. But the next most endearing thing about it is that it really does create a brand new song out of the sample, rather than relying too heavily on the original. And it’s a cracking new song at that.

Below you can hear the full thing, and have an ogle at the video too. Cille performing on a beach!

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