Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix 2023: The 8 Artists & Songs!

Danish broadcaster DR has today unveiled the eight artists and songs that will be competing in their Eurovision pre-selection process, Melodi Grand Prix. The 2023 DMGP takes place on Saturday Feburary 11th, with Danes voting for the song they most want to represent them in Liverpool in May.

Denmark have been having a bit of a hard time of it of late, in Eurovision terms. In the most recent two Contests, in both 2021 and 2022, they were the sole Nordic nation absent from the Grand Finals, with Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland all present and correct both years. And when you’re from Scandinavia, that’s not a good look…

For Melodi Grand Prix 2023, they’ve assembled a selection of acts and songs that they hope will reverse those recent fortunes.

Amongst the line-up of eight artists, we have three who have recently been featured on Scandipop with prior tunes that slapped. Regular readers might recall the joy that Maia Maia’s ‘Under You’ brought us early last year. And honestly, who would be foolish enough to forget the pop genius of ‘Let It Ring‘ and ‘Blah Blah Blah‘ from Faroese popstar Reiley? And we’ve also had the great taste to have featured ALL FIVE of the singles to have been released by Danish-Icelandic duo EYJAA – such was (and still is) their top-tier quality.

Back in 2017, we had a honeymoon period with the packed release schedule of Frederik Leopold We also featured Micky Skeel on here many moons ago, when he debuted as a solo artist, following his stint in the duo PULS (whom we also featured on here).

Let’s be listening to these eight songs then… (you can find all of them currently frontloading our Best New Scandipop playlist).

Eyjaa: I Was Gonna Marry Him
(Anders Hansen, Rasmus Olsen, Thomas Buttenschön, Maria Broberg)


Reiley: Breaking My Heart
(Sivert Hjeltnes Hagtvet, Hilda Stenmalm, Bård Mathias Bonsaksen, Rani Petersen)

Maia Maia: Beautiful Bullshit
(Maja Barløse, Joy Deb, Niclas Lundin)


Frederik Leopold: Stuck On You
(Lasse Lindorf, Frederik Jyll)

Micky Skeel: Glansbillede
(Micky Skeel, Martin Per Bjelke)

Søren Torpegaard Lund: Lige Her
(Søren Christensen, Tim Schou, Steven McClintock, Martin Palme Skriver, Lasse Storm Olsen)

Mariyah LeBerg: Human
(Chief 1, Moon Mariyah Ellise Traasdahl, Nermin Harambasic)

Nicklas Sonne: Freedom
(Nicklas Sonne)

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