Danish broadcaster DR are tonight hosting Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix 2022. Eight songs are competing in the one-night affair, and a public televote will result in the winner of the song contest heading to Italy to represent the Nordic nation at Eurovision in May.

It starts at 7pm UK time, and you can tune in to it right here.

Below, you can take a listen to the eight competing entries on offer, and identify the Cliche Love Songs, the Should’ve Known Betters, the Moments Like *This* and the just plain YES!

Patrick Dorgan: Vinden Suser Ind

(Patrick Dorgan, Ole Bjørn Sørensen, Jeppe Kronback and Daniel Scheffmann)

A torch song that could well lead to a real lighters-up moment at Herning in tonight. For us though, it’s a tad too dim and could do with shining that little bit brighter.

Full Effekt: Rave Med De Hårde Drenge

(Lyrics and music: Alexander Scott Dyrbye, Zachary Rune Dyrbye, Claus Valdorff Thomsen and Kasper Bruhn Nielsen)

In a line-up of songs as beige as what Denmark usually offer up in their Eurovision pre-selections in comparison to other Nordic nations, there’s a great deal of comfort to be had in the adsurd. This song is utterly deranged and would perversely be Denmark’s best shot at kicking those doors to Europe down in May and making itself known competitively for the first time in a long time.

REDDI: The Show

(Lyrics and music: Siggy Savery, Chief1, Ihan Haydar, Remee Jackman and Julia Fabrin)

For a supposed rock song, this one spends far too much time building from its ballad beginnings. Once it gets going, it does indeed go off. But we’d have loved for it to get there a little bit sooner.

Morten Fillipsen: Happy Go Lucky

(Lyrics and music: Morten Fillipsen)

Ok, so there may well be one of This Type Of Song in basically every Eurovision national final across Europe in 2022 (and, in all honestly, in 2021), but we’d like to find even a couple as well-crafted is this. This song oozes charm, without ever doing so at a pace that one might find alarming. And that’s kinda nice sometimes.

Josie Elinor & Jack Warren: Let Me Go

(Lyrics and music: Mikkel Sørensen, Katrine Brixen, Benjamin Rosenbohm and Julie Aagaard)

Don’t be fooled by the unassuming tone of this song – there’s an earworm in there and it is *relentless* in its pursuit to cast you under its spell.

Juncker: Kommet For At Blive

(Lyrics and music: Christian Juncker)

This is a song that is also “in the running”, as they say.

Der Var Engang: En Skønne Dag

(Lyrics and music: Emma Pi Hedeboe, Rasmus Hedeboe and Claus Reenber)

A little bit of Danish folk never hurt anyone. It’s totally harmless. And wholly non-competitive.

Conf3ssions: Hallelujah

(Lyrics and music: Moh Denebi, Rachel Furner, Jon Nørgaard, Patrick Dalton and Nikolaj Pellegrini)

A curious lil’ pop concoction of gospel and dance. It’s very difficult to dislike, and is particularly welcomed positioned after three down-tempos, that’s for sure.

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