Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix 2019: Your Guide to the Final!

When is it? It’s TONIGHT!
What time? Where can I stream it? 19:00 UK time, and you can watch it live over on Danish broadcaster DR’s website.
How many songs? Ten.
Which one does Scandipop want to win? We will ACCEPT one of only two results. ‘Love Is Forever’ by Leonora, or ‘Anywhere’ by Simone Emilie, taking the win.
Anything else to look out for? ‘Dancing With You In My Heart’ by Marie Isabell and ‘Kiss Like This’ by Jasmin Gabay.
ANYTHING else? One of the favourites to win is ‘League of Light’ by Julie & Nina. It’s entertaining, we guess. And something that would perhaps stand out in Tel Aviv.
Ok, that’s five. What about the other five? All varying degrees of absolute rubbish.
Glad that’s sorted. And where can I listen to the songs ahead of tonight’s show? Below. Ranked in order from best to worst, for absolute ease.


Leonora – Love Is Forever
(Lise Cabble, Melanie Wehbe, Emil Lei)

This song is an adorable slice of kitsch pop that is made all the more enjoyable by going all multi-lingual on us at the end. Super-cute and super-catchy at the same time. We would love to see how (well) Europe reacts to this song in May.

Simone Emilie – Anywhere
(Jeanette Bonde, Fred Miller, Fredrik Sonefors)

Simultaneously the most current song in this line-up and the most suitable for Eurovision. Do not sleep on a combination like that, Denmark – this excellent song could do very well for you.

Jasmin Gabay – Kiss Like This
(Lise Cabble, Clara Sofie Fabricius, Fredrik Sonefors)

The sound of Denmark mixing the fire of ‘Fuego’ with some defiantly Scandinavian ice. And as you would expect, that’s a pretty damn great sound. One we’ll be playing right up to the summer months.

Marie Isabell – Dancing With You in My Heart
(Greg C. Curtis, Miguel Garcia, Petrus Wessman, John Ballard)

A fairly instant, packs-the-right-kind-of-punch pop song that uplifts with ease, gives you a chorus that you can sing along with before the song has even finished, and even manages to shoe-horn in a key change. An instant fave for us, and hopefully for many others too.

Julie & Nina – League of Light
(Julie Berthelsen, Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen, Marcus Winther-John, Joachim Ersgaard)

Ethereal, Scandi-ethno vibes in a mid-tempo and with a rousing, anthemic chorus. If 2018 was the year of ‘Higher Ground’ for Denmark, let’s call this one ‘Middling Ground’.

Leeloo – That Vibe
(Laurell Barker, Ludvig Hilarius Brygmann, Maria Marcus)

Retro-electro that admittedly puts a great deal of effort into the production, but unfortunately not enough of one into any sort of a discernible tune

Sigmund – Say My Name
(Christoffer Stjerne, Abigail F. Jones)

We got quite excited when this first started. Readers, we were very quickly disappointed. A paper-weak melody is delivered by a whimper of a vocal before the whole thing is drowned unceremoniously in a cheap production. Good riddance.

Teit Samsø – Step It Up
(Christoffer Stjerne, Lise Cabble, Nanna Larsen)

Not *quite* sure what this song is trying to be, and not entirely sure we care enough to find out. One thing to note though, is that despite starting off quite badly, it actually manages to get worse as the song progresses. Impressive stuff, in the grand scheme of things!

Rasmus Faartoft – Hold My Breath
(Martin Skriver, Tim Schou, Thomas Agerholm, Sebastian Owens, Benjamin Rønn, Marcus Elkjer)

A dull, insipid ballad performed really rather badly. Six songwriters and a seventh artist brought in to sing it, and not one of them thought to to actually bring something in any way decent to the song? That’s some pretty atrocious form, guys. Mortifying.

Humørekspressen – Dronning Af Baren
(Christian Kroman, Søren Schou, Chang Il Kim, Peter Lützen)

One can always guarantee that anything in a Scandi national selection that alludes to ‘humour’ in any way, is going to be monumentally shit in a deathly unfunny way. This is no exception.

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