De Dødelige: ‘Os To’

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This has turned out to be one of our favourite electro tracks of the year so far. ‘Os To’ by Danish duo De Dødelige.

It falls into the eighties-esque sub-genre of electropop. Both in its production and its film soundtrack melody (and actually the vocal with which the singer delivers it too). ‘Os To’ is a fast paced and frantic juggernaut of synth that captures the attention with pretty much its opening clap. Brilliant stuff. An English translation would make The Blogs around the rest of the world veritably shit themselves.

De Dødelige are Ulrik Schultz and Andreas Ringblom of Copenhagen. And we are forever indebted to them for giving us this.

We hope for all your sakes that this song is available on Spotify outside of the Nordics too. Because Sony Denmark haven’t bothered putting it on YouTube or Soundcloud or anything like that.

Have a go;

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