EMI Sweden have today uploaded to their Soundcloud page, a brand new track from David Lindgren, ‘Amnesia’.

It’s to be taken from his ‘Skyline’ EP which will be released on Saturday. The EP features his two Melodifestivalen entries ‘Skyline’ and ‘Shout It Out’, plus four brand new songs, including ‘Amnesia’.

‘Amnesia’ is a bit WTF on first listen – a sort of electro r&b number, different  any of his three singles released so far, or indeed to anything on his debut album last year, ‘Get Started’. Still though, on second listen, and especially on third listen, it all sinks in. He’s been accused before of producing re-threads of what other popstars have already released. But with ‘Amnesia’, he’s certainly turned that around and is very much doing his own thing. And it sounds good.

Listen to ‘Amnesia’ below, and you can also listen to a teaser of another new track ‘Armageddon’ right here (ballad o’clock).


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