Darwin & Backwall feat. Sibel: ‘Alone’

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Haven’t you missed that voice? Well we have, so humour us.

Things have been quite in Sibel-land recently – output wise anyway. But she’s actually been quite busy away from the release schedules. For the last few months she’s been touring around Sweden as part of the Female DJ Revolution, both spinning tunes and singing them, to an audience of enthused clubbers. But much more excitingly, she’s also been in the studio working with Jonas von der Burg over the last few weeks. And she’s now signed to Victoria Ekeberg’s management. These two factors contribute to us looking forward to her future output immensely. Don’t let us down, Sibel. Just don’t.

In the interim, we CAN actually have a listen to a song that she has provided vocals for, and which has been released this month. It’s Darwin & Blackwell featuring Sibel, ‘Alone’. It’s a dance track. Sibel delivers a piano house verse, and then the chorus is instrumental house. A great deal of strings here too, which is pleasing. It’s not as listenable as her last dance outing ‘United As One‘, but it’s much more dance-able. And we guess that’s probably what all involved were aiming for anyway. So bravo and all that.


Alone (feat. Sibel) - EP - Darwin & Backwall



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