Darin: ‘Seven Days A Week’

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‘Twas Maja Ivarsson’s evening on last night’s Så Mycket Bättre. So she got to enjoy all of her cast mates performing their own interpretations of the songs she made famous with her band The Sounds.

Darin took on ‘Seven Days A Week’. Bizarrely (not that we’re complaining of course), ‘Seven Days A Week’ has turned out to be the most ‘pure pop’ sounding song of all of his Så Mycket Bättre efforts – despite it being his cover of a rock band’s track. It actually sounds more like something one would have found on Ola’s ‘Good Enough’ album. High praise indeed, whether any of the three parties involved in that equation agree or not. It’s a really fun, catchy, up-tempo number that exudes a sort of summer soundtrack feeling from it. Not his best song of the series, but certainly one of them.

The song is at this moment in time number 3 on Swedish iTunes, right behind his own ‘Astrologen’ at number 1 (where it’s been for two weeks), and his ‘En Apa Som Liknar Dig’ at number 2. So he’s got all of the top three biggest selling songs in Sweden right now. Amazing.

Right. Below: the live audio of his performance last night, then the Spotify link for Swedes, and finally the iTunes link for Swedes too.

Seven Days a Week - Så mycket bättre, säsong 3: Majas dag - Program 6 - EP



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