Darin: ‘Nobody Knows’

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He’s BACK! And with a fucking amazing comeback single, at that.

It’s Darin! All geared up and ready to release his SIXTH album. We adored his last album of ballads – but it’s ok, we already knew that he was coming back all clubbed up ala Kelly Llorenna. For the last year he’s been tweeting about working with this writer and that producer and the other. All with one thing in common – they’re all big names in dance pop.

It’s just as well we were prepared really, because ‘Nobody Knows’ is a veritable rave anthem. It goes through the roof in terms of stepping things up a notch from the sound of his previous album. A turbo tempo chorus gives way to a turbo tempo post-chorus in which Darin himself has no choice but to switch to a falsetto vocal to keep up with things.

It’s a gale force hit!

And in case you hadn’t guessed from the description above – yes, we pretty much love it. We were sent the full track this week and it’s received an obscene amount of usage on the Scandipop iPod already!

It’s released today on Swedish iTunes, and HERE it is for everyone to listen to and admire;

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