Darin: ‘Check You Out’

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Darin has just gone and announced what will be the third single to be taken from his current ‘Exit’ album. And mercifully he’s keeping the tempo very much UP, and going with ‘Check You Out’.

Those who were disappointed in a perceived lack of a chorus on his previous single, ‘Playing With Fire’, should be well appeased by ‘Check You Out’ – a song which screams CHORUS at anyone who’ll listen. And they will listen. ‘Nobody Knows’ aside, ‘Check You Out’ is probably the biggest pop moment on his new album. So it’s reassuring that Darin has the good sense to release it as the next single. We were starting to get worried at the beginning of the album campaign, when he was seemingly only giving attention to the ballads on any of his TV and radio performances.

And it’s dancepop, at that. Although it’s about to get even more dancepop, as Darin has also announced that the ‘Check You Out’ single is gonna contain a remix from John De Sohn (the gent behind this recent tune).

Oh, and may we also go on record to say that the song’s lyrical hook “oooh guurrrlll, check you out” is brilliantly camp, and we love Darin for doing it with such abandon.

‘Check You Out’ is taken from Darin’s latest album ‘Exit’, which you can pick up from our store if you don’t live in Sweden. The song has been written by Darin himself along with David Gamson and Angel, and produced by David Gamson.

Check You Out - Exit


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