Darin’s latest single ‘Check You Out‘ seems to be getting the biggest push from his record label, in the guise of the John De Sohn remix that’s just been released. That’s the version they’re pimping out to all and sundry, so we thought it best you take a listen too.

The remix is a dirty bugger of a house production. A filthy rave up that drops the verse, churns Darin’s chorus out as its own verse, and creates a new (instrumental) chorus using its own manic synth production. It’s the sound of Darin being utterly violated. Something which he often looks life he needs. There’s not even a radio edit. This is the level of dance music we’re talking about here.

Back to normality though, an unviolated Darin dropped by the Go’kväll studios at SVT to turn in his first TV performance of the single. And perhaps in an effort to cleanse himself of the John De Sohn events, he went the other way and performed an acoustic version of the song. Then appearing on Nyhetsmorgon a week later to perform it again.

Listen to the new mix below, and watch both performances;

John De Sohn remix

Check You Out (John De Sohn Remix) - Single - Darin

Go’kväll performance

Nyhetsmorgon performance


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