Danny Saucedo & Lazee: ‘Shake That Ass’

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Danny Saucedo has once again teamed up with Swedish rapper Lazee to release a brand new single and video (after their collaboration ‘Just Like That’ on Danny’s second album). It’s a cover/interpretation/interpolation of the old Rob & Raz song ‘Take A Ride’, which they’re calling ‘Shake That Ass’.

It features Danny getting his rapstar on, and doing a little bit of singing too, for good measure. As one might expect from a song title like that, the lyrics are all about persuading the female of the species to get things moving back there. The video throws in a few visual accompaniments to that message also.

The song is almost a world away from the likes of ‘Amazing’ and ‘Tonight’, but then Danny HAS been saying for a while now that he’s itching to get things a little bit more “urban” where his sound is concerned. ‘Shake That Ass’ is a mid-tempo r&b jam, with a definite nod towards the pop side of things. We don’t think that this is an inkling as to what his future music is gonna be like though. As you’ll see from the video yourselves, the boys aren’t really taking everything THAT seriously.

We actually have no idea when this thing is getting released. However, Vakna med The Voice premiered the song and video this morning on their show, so we guess it’s coming very soon.

Skip to the 0:29 mark of the video below, to watch the video pretty much in full;

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