Danny Saucedo: ‘Kamasutra’

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Over the last six months or so, Danny Saucedo has been gifting fans with the occasional insight into what he’s been getting up to in the recording studio – uploading demos and cover versions onto his Soundcloud page. And today we got another one! A new demo – ‘Kamasutra’.

As it’s a demo, we shan’t spend too long dissecting its merits. For what it’s worth, it’s a down-tempo r&b jam which sees him go a bit Drake at first, before busting out a rap! ‘Amazing’ it ain’t. But at the very least it gives us a valid reason to place “Danny Saucedo” and “Kamasutra” in the same mental image.

Have you ever tried the kamasutra? I really think that karma suits ya

Check out Danny’s other Soundcloud bits and pieces here.

Kamasutra Demo 1.0 by DannySaucedoOfficial

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