Danny Saucedo: ‘Amazing’ (acoustic!)

dannysaucedosinglecover e1330688691616

After the weekend’s comments/controversy about the vocals that Danny Saucedo delivered during his Melodifestivalen performance of ‘Amazing’, Danny himself has taken to his piano, got the camera out, and filmed himself singing the LIVING SHIT out of it! Just as a reminder of what he’s capable of in that infamous vocal department.

We randomly bumped into Danny on Wednesday night in Södermalm and spoke to him about his thoughts on the performance. He blamed it on a mixture of technical issues (severe ones at that), and also his own nerves on the night, such was the amount of pressure that had been heaped upon him leading up to those three minutes. He said though that he’s more than ready for the final next weekend, and that all issues – both his own and those out of his control last weekend – will be sorted out. He’ll make sure of it.

Just in case you were in any doubt though, have a listen to this;

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