Danny Saucedo: A year in pictures!

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Danny Saucedo hasn’t been very work shy in 2011. And on top of that, he hasn’t been very camera shy either.

He’s been snapped aplenty on stage, in studios, and just out and about. Plus, using sites like Dayviews he’s allowed fans and followers a glimpse into what he’s been getting up to on a daily basis. The results can often be interesting, usually be entertaining, and sporadically feature a twisted sort of eroticism.

Below, we’ve compiled our 10 favourite pictures of Danny Saucedo in 2011.


10: All wrapped up and stylishly set for a trip. One would think it’s to somewhere exotic, but knowing Danny – it’s probably just to pick up a loaf of bread.

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09: A friendly invitation to inspect his cleavage. Very well, if you insist, Danny.

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08: Ah so this is what all these gym trips are for. From QX Magazine’s annual pre-Melodifestivalen shoot, this showed that Danny Saucedo is packing some bite.


07: They’re friends after all! Post-Melodifestivalen result which placed Eric at number 1 and Danny at number 2, here are the two chaps sharing a beer and possibly pondering a picture that didn’t make our list.

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06: Typical. This is quite possibly the most sculpted and chiseled young Daniel has ever managed to contort his face to, and he ruins it all with that hairpiece. Still, those biceps help.

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05: Victorious! In Heat 1, anyway.

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04: One of those aforementioned biceps again.

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03: Looking absolutely dapper on the catwalk. The few times that Danny actually chooses to wear clothes, it’s these sort that we approve of.

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02: But then the alternative IS this…..

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01: There are no words. Just stretched imaginations.

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