Daniela & Victor Ark: ‘Bacia Me’

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DanielabaciameSwedish songstress Daniela is releasing a brand new single in September. She’s paired up with Spanish DJ and artist Victor Ark for ‘Bacia Me’.

We’ve written a lot about Daniela over the years, and our love for her consistently top notch dance singles such as ‘You & I’, ‘Love Me Enough To Lie’, ‘Fire’, ‘Push It Up’, and ‘Left My Heart On The Dancefloor’. HOWEVER, along comes ‘Bacia Me’ and it’s instantly the best thing she’s ever done, blowing everything else from her out of the icy Swedish waters.

The chorus is insanely catchy – yes, we’re talking actual insanity here. We give you ONE listen to be repeating “bacia me, ba-ba-bacia me, toca, you wanna wanna toca me” in your head for the rest of the day. And that’s just a slight glimpse into what’s being going around and around in our head for the last two weeks. It’s relentless in its catchiness. But we don’t care, as it’s a fantastic melody to have subconsciously playing on repeat. “bacia me, ba-ba-bacia me, toca, you wanna wanna toca me“. And we do! We DO wanna wanna ‘toca’ the opposite of ‘me’ – apols for our lack of Italian skillz.

One more thing we wanna say about ‘Bacia Me’ is that it sounds like summer. It’s a Balearic beach song if ever there was one. In fact, it sounds even better if you wear sunglasses while you listen to it. That’s how summery it is.

Written by Daniela herself along with Niclas Kings, it’s also been produced by Niclas Kings (who is the gent behind Jennifer Lopez’s current US hit ‘Follow The Leader). This Victor Ark chap is a Spanish DJ and artist, who has been a longtime collaborator with Niclas and is currently at the height of his Spanish fame after a successful 2011 over there.

‘Bacia Me’ isn’t out until September, but we asked Daniela if we could stream a preview of both the single and the immense Niclas Kings remix on here. Both brilliant versions of the same song – one for the pop heads and one for the dance heads. And if you’re a pop dance head, well it’s double the fun.

Radio Edit

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/BACIA-ME-RADIO-SHORT.mp3|titles=BACIA ME RADIO SHORT]

Niclas Kings Remix

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/BACIA-ME-NK-REMIX-SHORT.mp3|titles=BACIA ME NK REMIX SHORT]

It’s coming out in Spain first, via the big dance label Blanco Y Negro. And there’s a video on its way too. We LOVE this song, and we hope it becomes the massive worldwide smash it deserves to. So there.


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