Swedish dancepopstar Daniela has just put out a brand new single. ‘One Last Time’ in collaboration with a fresh Swedish production duo, Cricendi. She’s been making dancepop tracks for the best part of a decade now, and shows no signs of ever stopping or changing direction – and we LOVE her for that. Keep ‘em coming please Dani.

‘One Last Time’ is Daniela showcasing that newly discovered facet of her vocal that she first incorporated into ‘Right Here’, her collaboration with Victor Ark earlier this year. It’s a deeper vocal – not as soft as what we’re used to hearing from her on her older hits like ‘Bacia Me’, ‘Breathe Again’, and ‘Push It Up’.

But what’s not different to any of the songs above is the fact that ‘One Last Time’ still manages to pack a bigger punch than your standard dancepop fare. She always manages to select a certain kind of song to record, and this new one ties in with so much of what has gone before from her. Very melodic, something to really wrap her vocals around, and with a production that also hammers home a melody of its own. It bangs.

Cricendi are an up and coming duo, based in Stockholm. Petter Byrstedt (18) and Isak Uncu (19). ‘One Last Time’ is their first release.

And what a debut for them;

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