Daniela: ‘Breathe Again’ (Radio Edit & Niclas Kings Mix)

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Our favourite solo female Scandipop track of the year so far, this one.

We first wrote about Daniela’s ‘Breathe Again’ back in November when it was premiered on radio. But it was only actually released last week in Sweden. And so it makes sense to write about it again, as it’s – y’know, amazing and all that. She also got to celebrate the fact that the song went straight to number 1 on the iTunes Electronic chart.

The Niclas Kings remix, also released last week, is kind of half-‘Breathe Again’, and half commercial house tune. Very much the floor filler. And with a great deal of spunk injected into proceedings. Nice. Niclas Kings (who took time out of penning hits for Jennifer Lopez to craft this one) actually co-wrote and co-produced the original version of the song, along with Jonas von der Burg. So it makes sense that his remix is sounds so right, as he it’s clearly a continuation SLASH re-interpretation of what he had in mind for the original.

Radio Edit

Breathe Again (Radio) - Breathe Again (Remixes) - EP

Niclas Kings mix

Breathe Again (Niclas Kings Radio Remix) - Breathe Again (Remixes) - EP


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