Daisy: ‘Breathe’

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‘Breathe’ is the new single and video from Daisy, the up and coming singing starlet from Gothenburg in Sweden.

It’s an exceedingly well produced r&b pop number. Not a carbon copy of what the toppest American r&b stars are coming out with at the moment – which is what a lot of Swedish popstars can unfortunately be accused of right now. Instead, it’s a fresh and interesting take on the genre. So much so that we’d even recommend giving the instrumental version a good spin or two on Spotify (where it’s available worldwide) – to really allow that production to shine in all of its intricate glory.

Obviously though, the radio edit is what it’s all about. Daisy turns up the S.E.X on her V.O.X. The best bit is the breathy “na-na-na, na-na-na-na” which forms the backing vocal of the chorus. And a special mention goes towards the latter half of the middle eight. We are loving this jam something rotten this week!

Aaaaaaannnnd ‘Breathe’;

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